Friday, August 10, 2012

Energy? Whats that?

This week has been awful... Well weather wise. Heat is not a pregnant woman's friend at all. We turned 27 weeks this week and my energy level is back to being low like it was in the first trimester. Seriously breathing itself makes me tired! Lately I have been waking up at around 3am every night, and not being able to go to back to sleep till an hour later... it really sucks. On top of that, trying to find a comfortable position to sleep does not seem to be happening for me. I don't want to be one of those pregnant women who complain all the time, but I think I'm starting to be... unless I have always been and never paid attention, which I'm pretty sure is the case lol. Even if I only work part time, and my job is pretty easy(I'm a bank teller) it's very exhausting to me and I cannot wait to go on leave, seriously it cannot come any sooner. People tell me it's best to work until the last couple of weeks but heck no I can't even stand it now! And more power to you if you were able to do it and if you work full time too, but I'm sorry my white flag is already up. Anyways I've been reading posts of bump updates on mommy blogs that I am subscribed to so I've made the decision to start that next week at my 28th week since I have my next ob appointment then :). Sorry this post wasn't so interesting, I promise starting next week they will be!
In the mean time, her are some quick belly shots I took with my iPhone: 

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