Friday, August 24, 2012

Hectic week

So I'm 29 weeks this week and so far the 3rd trimester has not been very nice to me lol. I am exhausted to say the least and I honestly am too lazy to do a bump update for this week. It really wouldn't be all too interesting anyways since our ob appt. and our elective ultrasound isn't until tues on our 30th week so I figured I would wait until then. Baby J is really sucking all my energy, but it's ok I'd rather be tired all the time if it means our baby is growing healthy :). It doesn't help that I have work either lol, the other day I had to leave work early due to dizziness and nausea, and the hubby had to leave work early to pick me up, so he took me to see the nurse practitioner and apparently I have to eat smaller portions every 2-3 hrs, since I'm so small I shouldn't eat 3 big meals because my body is already trying to adjust to everything. She also checked baby's heartbeat and she said "oh he's a happy baby" lol, and I'm like as long as he's ok that's good with me. But seriously can we fast forward to 10 weeks from now?! Mommy and daddy want to meet him already! Our baby shower is on Oct. 7th, and just thinking about it overwhelms me, and I don't even really need to do anything! Lol, I am just going crazy and impatient. This weekend is going to be very busy too... I work tomorrow, then Sunday it's my hubby's and aunts birthday.. Which means lunch at my parents and then date night, which is MUCH needed! Then Monday I'm off and tues is a fun filled day because we get to see Baby J at 2:30 :)!! So I'll definitely be posting my update after that. This was really a pointless post but oh well! Xoxo

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