Thursday, August 2, 2012

How are you sure?!

I've never been a patient person, and I really hate the unknown. Unfortunately pregnancy is full of the unknown and needing patience. First of all, in your first and second trimester you only see the Dr. once a month, meaning you only get to see your baby once at maybe 6-8 weeks, then you get your anatomy scan at 20 weeks! What the hell is that all about?! I mean I know too many ultrasounds aren't too good for both mom and baby, but where do we get our reassurance?! Granted you do get to hear your baby's heartbeat at every OB appt. but how does that guarantee me that my baby is growing ok? It just drives me crazy wondering how Baby J is doing and how is the Dr. sure he's doing ok. I guess being pregnant forces you to embrace the unknown, and I can't sit around just worrying about craziness. And even though it may not seem like it, I usually don't obsess and worry about the baby, but I do have some random days where it crosses my mind then worry attacks it for a few minutes... Like today lol. Baby J had already given us one tiny scare 2 weeks ago that had J and I take a nice trip to labor and delivery at 3am and not leave till 6am, and I'm glad every thing was perfect with him, but I just hate when Dr's are so vague and it ends up worrying the shit out of you. I know I'll miss being pregnant after the baby comes, but I really just can't wait for the day our baby gets to be in our arms. Until that day comes all I can do is try and be as patient as I can, and have trust that everything is ok and let baby keep growing so he can come out as healthy as possible.


  1. Awe. I can't wait till I'm further along so I can sonograms like that. He looks like he's developing nicely. No worries! BTW, thanks for adding the RSS. I'm following now.

  2. It's the best! And I highly recommend a out of pocket 3d/4d ultrasound atleast once during your pregnancy! And thanks so much! It's hard not to worry but I know everything will be ok :-) and thank you for subscribing!! Xoxo