Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Football Sunday.

So throughout my pregnancy I've only had like 3 emotional moments, once when my anxiousness was getting the best of me and I broke down in bed because I just wanted some sleep, and the other 2 times were yesterday. I had the day off from work on Saturday and was home alone all day, it didn't seem so bad because I did laundry all day to pass time by till J got home from work. Sundays is our day off together though, and we usually do something I mention, which usually going to my parents house. Well yesterday we just stayed home, I woke up to J cooking me breakfast and all was well, after he was done he assumed his position on the couch to enjoy some Sunday football. After a couple of hours I started to feel restless and needy and started crying, so I walk into the living room with my leopard print body pillow and broke down saying "your not paying attention to me" which ofcourse made J feel bad, and he comforted me. As he continued to watch the game, I was ok for about 2 hrs and then cried again lol. This time I felt really bad though because J made me realize that I was being selfish, he NEVER gets any time to do things he wants to do because I don't give him a chance to. He works full time every day, goes to class 2 days a week, and has an online class, AND tends to me. And then I thought... Seriously my hubby is superman, and I can't give him the day to lounge around and watch some football on Sunday? What kind of person am I being right now?! An annoying one. Lol. In my little defense though I am getting more and more UNCOMFORTABLE, well that's an understatement but let me tell you, it is not fun when standing up, sitting down, laying down, or walking around isn't comfortable. I'm just glad I have an extremely understanding, and amazing hubby who has a high tolerance of me lol. Oh the joys of pregnancy....

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