Monday, September 3, 2012

Just babbling...

Time is going by super fast, yet super slow lol. I know Baby J has a little more baking to do, but J and I are getting kind of impatient... more-so me hehe :). But really, I am just getting extremely uncomfortable and I would much rather be losing sleep when the baby is here, rather than losing sleep because of my limited comfortable sleeping positions. My ribs and my hips are really starting to bother me, and i'm starting to experience the wonderful braxton hicks contractions. Sometimes they even hurt, and sometimes Baby J loves to kick me really hard and it tends to hurt at times. But other than all my aches and pains, I am feeling wonderful lol. I can honestly say that as uncomfortable as pregnancy has been, I feel beautiful and love my body, and what is going on inside me is so amazing that it makes up for all this torture. I also have my amazing hubby to thank for me feeling this way, because he never fails to tell me how beautiful he thinks I am, and how much he loves me. Seriously sometimes I want to pinch myself to see if this is all a dream, I can't believe that in just 63 days(give or take) that we will get to meet our little prince, it feels so crazy! I must admit though that wondering how our labor and delivery might go gets a little overwhelming for me. It's like i'm scared but then i'm not, but I don't feel like writing up a birthing plan is necessary for me. I do know that I do want us to avoid getting induced unless it really is medically necessary, and same goes for a c-section. I've gone through this pregnancy thinking that even if I cannot tolerate any type of pain, that i'll somehow take the pain and not need a epidural no matter how much it hurts. That may be wishful thinking but I am going to try to go drugless for as long as I can. Anyways I am just getting very impatient, and I would like it to be at least october already so that it can be closer to november. I just needed to let all of this out, sorry this post was so random!


  1. Hi :)
    I have found your blog through Three Little Birdies. I am also pregnant. I am 21 weeks right now. It's cool to find someone who is going through the same things.
    I also wanted to go natural, but I have a cyst that is pretty big and apparently that might cause a lot of pain, so I dunno how it will turn out...

    All best

    1. Hi Nikki! Congrats! Im happy to share all that I'm going through :-)
      I'm sorry about your cyst but I hope you have a smooth delivery when the time comes and I know any type of pain is inevitable but i know it's all worth it!