Friday, September 21, 2012

Now on to worry about other crazy things...

Not that any of you care, but I've seemed to neglect my blog these past weeks and I haven't done a bump update. One of the reasons was that I wanted to wait until our ultrasound that we had this past Monday to measure the baby, the other reason was because I got lazy lol. Well let me start off by letting you know how our ultrasound went on the 17th of September... So like I stated in my previous post the Ob ordered a ultrasound to measure the baby just to be on the safe side. She ordered what you would call a full anatomy scan, which is what they do at 20wks... Prior to that ultrasound you have to finish drinking 32oz. of water an hr before your appointment and you CANNOT pee AT ALL. Now the water isn't so bad, but seriously... Making a pregnant woman hold her pee should be illegal. Now when I did this at 20wks I hated it because it really hurt, but wasn't so bad because Baby J was much smaller and the ultrasound didn't take as long because measuring his small body, and all his organs was easy. But on Monday I was a day away from turning 33wks... So me holding my pee was seriously torture!! I was getting Braxton hicks that were painful, then my lower back started killing me, so when J and I finally got to the office I was OVER IT! Luckily I got seen basically right away, and the tech said I could go pee after she took a couple of pics of my cervix, then we would measure the baby after, since he is much bigger now the ultrasound would take 30 mins, and we thought... Oh no big deal! So she took pics of my cervix and was like "whoa your bladder is really full!" And I was thinking "well no shit lady! You fools told me to keep it full!" And then I finally got to go take the most longest, glorious pee ever! Then I waddle my way back to the room to finish off, and she starts measuring the baby. About 10 mins into it her system freezes, she then has to restart it which takes another 20 mins, I'm like ok whatever. Well all the images were lost ofcourse... Which meant longer time laying on my back that was already hurting! So she started back at the ultrasound 30 mins later we're finally done. Our appointment was at 7:15 we got out at 8:30. Although it was more than dreadful, I'm glad we got to measure baby J. And after 2 days of playing phone tag with our Ob, we finally talk on Thursday and she lets me know that baby J is measuring right on track and that my fluid levels are normal. BIG SIGH OF RELIEF! Somehow I still feel like I should be worrying about something though lol, but that's just my crazy talking and I'm so thankful our baby is doing fine. And that's my story of our horrible ultrasound experience, and as long as things keep going the way they're going, next time we get to see baby J it won't be on a screen :). As for my bump update goes... I'll do one on Tuesday after our bi weekly Ob appointment lol.

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