Thursday, September 13, 2012

Worry wart.

So ever since I hit my third trimester I've had people ask how far along I am, and when I tell them, they say "Oh wow, your so small! You look like your 5months!". Ugh! I then start to feel like, well jeez is my baby growing ok in there?! Then my worry starts to kick in. Well this week on Tuesday we turned 32 weeks, and we had our bi-weekly OB appointment. Everything was perfect, all my tests were fine, Baby J's heartbeat sounded good, and he's head down. The Dr. brought out her measuring tape to measure my belly and said I was measuring small. She said it could just be because I'm small to begin with, my mom says i was 4.6 lbs when I was born, and I mean till I got pregnant I was stuck at 93 lbs, so I've never been able to gain weight very easily. So just to be safe she ordered a ultrasound to measure him and make sure all is well. I mean I'm sure everything is fine, but I just get worried sometimes, especially when a customer walks into the bank and says she's due November 14th, and her belly is bigger than mine! Lol. And as usual I've been calling the ultrasound office like a crazy woman seeing if there's any earlier appointments that happened to be cancelled, because our appointment is on Monday at 7:15pm and I am getting anxious already lol. So far I've had no luck so I guess this is just another test of my patience lol. I said in my previous posts that I would do a bump update every week but I figured since I get a ultrasound on Monday I would just skip this week and do one on Monday lol. Anyways, that's where my head has been all week... That and the fact that I only have 3 more weeks of work, woohoo! Alrighty so until next week....

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