Wednesday, October 24, 2012

1 week old

I'm a day late but... Ahhh! Juelz is a week old!!!!!! I feel as if he's growing up so fast already, and this past week has been a whirlwind of amazing-ness. Our new sleep pattern isn't phasing us as new parents, and I have gained a whole new level of appreciation for J. It's such a amazing indescribable feeling as you watch the man you love, the man you have as your life partner/husband, be such a great father to your son. Juelz  is truly lucky to have Justin as his dad, and I am extremely lucky to have him by my side. This past week, we've been peed on, poo has been squirted towards us, and it has been great! Lol. And I wouldn't trade any amount of sleep for the precious moments I share with my son. J and I have been excellent at team work so far, he lets me get some sleep, and I let him get some sleep. He even is on diaper duty 95% of the time and doesn't mind, because at first I was too scared of his wee wee since it's still healing from his circumcision lol. J seriously is the other half of my brain and I would be lost without him. It's so crazy to even see how much Juelz  has grown these past couple of days and it's so fun just getting to know him and just being his parents. He does stuff to make us laugh, and we've learned that when he's hungry, he needs that boob ASAP. We also learned that he refuses to poop in a diaper that has pee in it already, he sure loves him a fresh new diaper to poop in lol, so ofcourse when J and I finish changing his pee diaper, Juelz  gets this focused look in his eyes and then... BAM!!!! You hear then squirts lol. Gotta love him! At first I had to get used to remembering to push his wee wee down before I put his diaper on so he's had multiple outfit changes in one day because of me lol. I am just learning so much, and appreciating so much. And it's so true when they say a parent never stops worrying, as new parents you just don't know what's normal, so when you hear weird noises while breathing you freak out. And the first couple of days I didn't feel comfy with him sleeping by himself so he would sleep with me, because J and I have been sleeping in the living room. But now I'm ok and more comfy so I'm not as paranoid lol. I love how J is so extremely protective of Juelz , he's such a awesome dad, I can't express that enough! He is constantly checking on him and just making sure he's ok. So since we left the hospital Juelz  has gained back up to his birth weight, plus an ounce, so he is now at 5.3 lbs... Woo woo! Mama's milk is doing him justice! lol and he also grew a quarter, now he's 18.25 in. :-) We are loving parenthood so far and we are so blessed to have a perfectly healthy son. :-)


  1. Liam does the same thing with the poopy diapers

    1. Thanks mama!! Lol Julian gets this focused look on his face and his eyes get real big when he he's about to let out a big poop it's the funniest thing, but our boys sure our being a tad bit high maintenance with wanting to poop in a fresh new diaper! Lol