Tuesday, October 30, 2012

2 weeks old

Can time slow down?! Our baby boy is already 2 weeks old?!?!? Motherhood really is no joke, I have learned so much, and I am still continuing to learn so much! J and I are slowly but surely getting into the groove of things, and he continues to amaze me at how great he is with Juelz . He is such a great dad, and hubby! I mean he does most of the cooking, basically all of the cleaning, takes out the trash, ahh it goes on and on, J is literally superman! I can seriously go on forever bragging but I'm sure you guys get the point haha. I am just so dang thankful for everything. Anyways we started sleeping in our room the other day! Yay! I love being close to J and not sleeping in our bed together was starting to get to me. Everyone always says a baby changes everything, but I don't think so, I strongly believe that it's how you react to the baby that changes you, for either better or worse. In our case Juelz  has made our relationship stronger than ever. Our life is somewhat different but it's a good different. We only have a 1 bedroom so Juelz  sleeps in his bassinet next to my side of the bed. I know it's too early to say but I feel like Juelz  is starting to show so much personality already. This past week he has been trying to lift his head up a lot, he also has been trying to lift his body up. Juelz  has had such good control of his eyes since birth, and now he's just looking around more curious than ever, I love it! He actually gets this really funny focused look in his eyes when he's about to poop or pee lol. Luckily he's only projectile poop'd on me once, but he still continues to shoot pee at us every once in a while to keep us on our toes hahaha. I've made a little habit of putting something to cover his wee wee though just incase but sometimes he has perfect timing lol. He's really trying to grow up quick on me!! :( lol. So far we he has gone to the outdoor shops at the mall, target 3 times, babies r us, and to a clothing store for mommy. He is such a good boy in the car and whenever we're out and about. He's eating like crazy so I'm excited for our doctor appointment next Tuesday to see how much he weighs now. The only thing that sucks is that he's at such a awkward size that he's outgrown his preemie clothes but he's still a little too small for his newborn clothes. Oh! And Juelz  finally sucks on his wubbanub soothie now, we gave into giving it to him because he was wanting to be on my boob just to sooth himself and uhh... My nipples needed a break! Lol. He also loves to stretch his legs and flail his little arms around... You know to throw up gang signs and what not lol. Well tomorrow is Julian's first Halloween so I'll definitely post pics from that in a new post! For now hope you enjoy some of these pics!

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