Tuesday, October 30, 2012

From Bump to Baby...

I know it's only been almost 3 weeks, but I miss Baby J being in my belly! Of course I love that he's here and I love how we're getting to know him in person and I just love spending time with him, but I miss knowing he's safe in my belly. Now that he's out, he's out. And during my pregnancy I had my fair share of paranoia, and my days of worrying if he was ok in there, but this is different. Having him out puts worrying on a whole 'nother level! I mean... the little control that I had when he was in my belly is now close to nothing. I mean any little odd sound he makes, just any little thing I'm uncertain about freaks me out. I know, I know... That's no way to live, I seriously cannot help it though. I just want him to be fine at all times. I'm being unrealistic I'm sure, but hey... I'm a new mom you can't blame me. I'm going to take this day by day and remind myself to pay attention to more important things, and stop worrying about things that could possibly happen, and instead try to focus on paying attention to things that are happening NOW. Two weeks has gone by so fast and he's growing so fast. He's been trying to lift up his head since the day we got home, and now he's getting better at it, he's even getting frustrated that he can't lift his body. Geez! I even caught him trying to push his soothie into his mouth! I'm truly trying to cherish every day, because when other moms tell you that they grow fast.. They really do!!!

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