Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Juelz's Birth Story.

I'm starting to type this as I sit in my hospital bed at 2AM on October 17th because I can't sleep because I am on a total love high! Let me warn you now that this post will have some TMI moments so continue reading if you want lol. So I'll start from when I first began my contractions...

I wake up at about 6am with some cramping and tightness below my belly button, I then I had diarrhea. Of course being 36 weeks 6 days I didn't worry too much. So J and I went about our morning, organizing things and preparing just in case Baby J decided to make an early appearance. We were supposed to have a movie date at 1:20 but we decided since I was cramping we would just run errands and get some last minute things for the baby and I at one of my favorite stores... Target! :) lol. So we went to target and I got some toiletries for my hospital bag, we got new pillows for our bed, stuff for the kitchen, pants for the baby, a cabinet for the baby's bottles and such since we don't have a lot of pantry space in the kitchen and you know... Non baby stuff too because target just does that to you lol. After that we decided to go to babies r us to get some extra bottles and a sterilizer to get it out of the way. Then we went to this clothing store next door so I can get my going home outfit which was just yoga pants and a long sleeve lol. Once we were done with that we went home to finish organizing and I can do all the baby's laundry. Mind you I'm still cramping on and off throughout this day. So we're at home getting things done and once we're done I tell J that we should just go to labor and delivery just to get checked out because I felt that my cramps might have been contractions, and they were feeling pretty close together. He said ok and we left the house with Baby J's diaper bag packed, and mine semi packed lol. We got to the hospital around 9PM and sure enough I was having contractions, and they were 5 mins apart! They weren't very painful though and when the nurse checked me I was 1cm dilated and 80% effaced, my mucus plug was completely gone and Baby J was extremely low. I stayed that way for 3 hrs so we got sent home at 12AM. I was content and was able to sleep that night, and I was relieved because J had a midterm on Tues, and a Final on Fri, so we just kept saying if Baby J comes after his midterm on Tues that would be good and he could still study a little for his Final on Fri.

Wake up at around 5AM, still have contractions but not as bad, and I was still having lose stool. J leaves for work at 10AM and I'm just switching from laying down in the bedroom and in the living room to watch t.v. I was extremely exhausted the whole day. All day I was anticipating our weekly OB check up the next day to see if anything changed because I was VERY uncomfortable!

I woke up at around 5AM again, but this time because of a really painful contraction, after a couple more of those I told J that I had a big feeling today could very well be THE day. I even took belly shots really quick just in case that would be the last time I would get to. Anyway, all along our plan was to go as natural as possible, and I told J we should have a code word that I would say to indicate that I was really sure I wanted the epidural, the code word was Starbucks lol. So J left for class at like 8:30AM, I showered before he left because I was having contractions and I wanted to ease the pain. He picked me up at like 11AM so we could pre-register at the hospital before our check up at 12:20PM. My contractions were getting more and more painful, and when we got to the OB office they printed out my pee cup label and I headed to the bathroom, tried to put as much pee in the cup, then I noticed diarrhea coming out! A woman walked in to use the stall next door so I was trying to have it come out as quietly as possible... It worked for about a second then, bam! A fart got let out. I new being pregnant I guess I get a pass but I was still embarrassed lol, so I took my sweet time pretending I was still sticking the label onto my cup, blah blah blah and she was taking forever to wash her damn hands! And finally she got out, then I sat back down and finished my deed. Alone in peace! Lol. Then I came out our OB checked my cervix and what do you know, 3cm dilated! We progressed! I was like uhh thank goodness my pain wasn't for nothing! He then said I wouldn't make it past this week and we were like ok cool because I cannot be dealing with this contraction shit for much longer. After we left the office we headed to my parents house to pick up his iPad that I stupidly left there by accident. When we got there Nala and Zooey(family doggies) were all over me! Usually they're only happy to see me for like 5 mins then they're like ok whatever for a while, but seriously they even followed me to the bathroom and sat at my legs lol. I thought it was because I was having some bad contractions. So then after like 15 mins J and I left and we were talking about stopping by target to get some last minute things like nipple cream, cute socks, and Bassinet sheets for Baby J since we couldn't find my aunts. But my contractions were getting super painful that we just decided to go home. We get home and not even like an hour later my contractions become un bearable! I tell J that I'm gonna call the labor and delivery nurses to see if I should come in because my contractions are like 4 mins apart and they say to come in! So J and I get our stuff together, I start to turn into a complete mess, J is comforting me telling me it'll be ok. I'm literally crying on the way to the hospital. We get to labor and delivery at 4:40PM and I'm still at 3cm but I am completely effaced. My contractions are seriously killing me at this point and J was being so amazing telling me how I should be doing my breathing, even the nurse said "Are you sure you didn't take birthing classes daddy? Because you are great! You should coach some of my other patients!" Lol, yup, I seriously am lucky he's mine! Anyways they start getting really bad to where I'm like "I'm so sorry babe but I need an epidural this hurts so bad!" Yep that code word nonsense was useless lol, then 30 mins later I felt my water break, After that every time I had a contraction I was hysterical, yelling, moaning loud, I was even like crying/yelling out "I'm so sorry am I being loud aren't I?!" And the nurses were like its ok your doing great, and J is at my side fanning my vagina with my boppy wedge pillow and I couldn't have him stop. During every contraction I was in so much pain I was literally begging for a epidural saying "where are they?! It's taking too long then you guys are gonna tell me it's too late!!!!!!!" Then the nurses kept saying "they're almost here!" They check me again and I'm at 6cm, and they're waiting for me to have enough Iv fluids in me to be able to get an epidural, finally when I've had enough fluids I asked again because I seriously was freaking out, the nurse was like "there was a shift change and someone will be here in 5 mins" I was like you have got to be freakin kidding me!!! I was like "I NEED TO PUSH!!!!" And they were like just breath, and I'm like easier said than done! How can I hold and breath at the same time!! They check me again and I'm at 7cm, and the effin anesthesiologist is still not here! By then I'm like I really need to push! And I start pushing, they were like "No! Breath!" And I'm like "I CAN'T HELP IT!!" Then I'm pushing and pushing and they were like you have to breath alittle bit so you won't tear, and I'm like I need the epidural!! And just as I predicted... The nurse dares to tell me "You are past that point you need to just hang in there!" And I literally look straight into her eyes and said "OH GOD I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN!" So I'm like hysterical and J is being so extremely amazing just keeping calm and fanning me, telling me "you are a true Ellis woman, I am so proud of you, your doing great, you can do this" and mind you it's just nurses in the room the doctor isn't even in here yet but I'm like "omg I need to push more!!!" and they were like "hold on!" And obviously I couldn't and J says to keep going because he can see Baby J's hair and so after 2 pushes I feel his head come out!! Then 2 more and then he's out!!!! Oh my goodness... After that it was like a relief. All in all it worked out, we went with my original birth plan, even if it was just by chance and me progressing too quickly, I am so relieved things happened the way they did, I was surprised that the so called "burning ring of fire" that occurs when the babies head is crowning didn't feel half as bad as contractions. And once I heard J say "you did it babe! That's our baby!" I just couldn't even believe what I just did. But the first thing I said was "I can't hear him cry!" And once they told me he was crying I then asked "is my butthole still there?!" Because it felt like I tore, but I actually didn't really tear, just a little bit but the dr didn't even need to stitch me up :). And when I heard our beautiful baby boy cry for the first time I just felt a rush of un explainable emotions, all the pain was worth it, I was still in awe and I still am. I am on cloud 9... I couldn't have done it without my great hubby, I mean great is an understatement, and seriously I am filled with so much happiness because on October 16th 2012 at 7:24PM, I was able to fall in love again, not only with our amazingly beautiful baby boy, but with the man who I created this little human being out of pure love with, my husband, my best friend. Now we are the three best friends that anybody can have. :'-)
Julian Anthony, Born October 16, 2012, 7:24PM at 5.2lbs

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