Tuesday, November 6, 2012

3 weeks old.

I can't believe that today was our original due date! I'm actually glad Juelz  decided not to wait to make his appearance because honestly I have no patience, and I can't imagine him being this size or bigger and having to give birth to him naturally lol. What I also can't believe is that we're only 1 week away from being 1 month old. This boy needs to slow the heck down!!!! We had a check up today and he has gained a little over a pound in the span of 2 weeks, way to go liquid gold and way to go Juelz !!! He's perfectly healthy and everything if ping good. That is music to any parents eat lol. Last week on Friday we...well Juelz  , got the opportunity to audition for a State Farm commercial and today we went to a call back audition! It went good and if we got it we should hear from them within 24 hrs, amazing huh? I mean even if we don't get it, I'm still thankful and it's just our foot in the door for him :). Anyways, he's still lifting his head up, getting stronger and stronger, he's trying to roll his body over and constantly maneuvers his body upwards and downwards if he's on my chest or Justin's chest. He's such a crazy bubba. I think he's currently going through a growth spurt because yesterday he literally ate every hour. Breast feeding is still somewhat of a challenge but I'm taking it day by day. I've decided that I'm going to BF during the day, and at his last feeding of the night we're going to give him formula so he could sleep a little longer. I kind of feel selfish for saying that, and I kind of feel like I'm letting him down for giving him formula once a night. But for the most part I feel confident in my decision and I know that no matter what I decide, just baks me 100% and I'm so thankful for that. Well that's that for this week :-). Enjoy some of these pictures! Excuse his fussiness in some lol.

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