Friday, November 16, 2012

4 weeks old

Ahh! I think 4 weeks sounds a little less overwhelming than 1 month old does... Don't ya think?! Lol. Well we did it, we survived it to a month! Even if this has been my hardest job yet, it has been my most rewarding. This job is a round the clock job, where I get paid in dirty diapers, gazes from those beautiful brown eyes, tiny coo's, big smiles, little smiles, and I can go on and on. So this month I have been pee'd AT more than I can even count, poo'd ON, and spat up on. I know it'll happen even more often from now on and I'm fine with that lol. I now have over 500 pictures of Juelz  on my phone, yah... Talk about obsessed!! Hahaha but I mean, come on... How can I not be?! I had pictures printed from the day he was born, and since I got them in the mail I've looked over them about 10 times! Lol I swear sometimes I just stare at him in awe, and in disbelief that J and I created this perfect human being and I just can't believe how much he's grown. This past Tuesday we had to take him to the doctor because he had a clogged tear duct and we had to get eye medicine for him, and I told J that I loved when we went to the doctor because I love when they weigh him and check his height, I love seeing how much he's grown. And J said first I was obsessed with seeing him on ultrasound while I was pregnant because I felt comfort in knowing he was ok in there, but he said now I'm obsessed with seeing how much weight he's gaining and stuff haha. He's right though, I just love seeing him grow and seeing that my milk is doing him justice. Ok so last post I told you guys Juelz  got a callback audition for a State Farm commercial, well the next day I got a call in the evening from the agency we went with telling us Juelz  was hired to be an extra in the commercial! So we went this past Tuesday to film and he did so good, he wasn't fussy until they stopped filming lol. I mean I'm not sure if he will be shown in the commercial being that he was an extra, but there may be a flash of him because he was the only other baby aside from the main baby :). It's so funny how our 3wk old son made more than mommy and daddy on 1 day of work, and for just sleeping and being on set for 2 hrs hahaha. I'm happy we had that opportunity and I'm looking forward to more opportunities for him because its great that we're able to start saving for his future. Alright so I saw this little update on another mommy blog and figured it would be a good way to keep track of Juelz's  changes too :)

Weight: November 6th he was 6.11 lbs and now this past Tuesday on November 13th he was 7.8lbs! Yay! He's catching up :)

Height: 19 or 19 1/2 inches... He was being wiggly when I was measuring him lol

Clothing size: He's finally in newborn size! But I have a feeling he'll be in 0-3 months in just a couple of weeks

Diaper size: Still newborn, but after we finish our last box of newborns we're gonna be able to move on to size 1's

Feeding: He's eating every 1-2 hrs instead of every 2-3 hrs, which is tiresome for me but J said he thinks it's because he's trying to catch up which is fine by me! I'm pumping every now and then too because J likes to feed him to let me get out of the house for a couple of hours some days, or just to let me sleep sometimes :)

Sleep: Right now he's being a little rebel with sleep, mostly around 4 or 5am, but he's pretty consistent with the times he stays awake, so he'll be wide awake from 6 or 7am till about 9 or 10am give or take 30 mins. And during that time I'll play with him so he knows that it's daytime, then he'll be awake for an hour sometime in the afternoon like on and off, waking up to eat, and then he'll be wide awake from 6pm till about 8 or 9pm.

Milestones: He's starting to coo! I love it! And he's smiling more, and responding to me when I play with him. He's lifting his head for a lot longer, and he tries to roll over and gets mad that he can't. He's also starting to respond to toys and he even swats at them a couple of times during play time. He also scoots himself, and when he's on the play mat he's never in the same place when I check up on him haha

Adventures: Every day has been an adventure with our little guy, but so far nothing major yet. My birthday is in about 2 weeks so we're gonna take him to the zoo so I'm really excited about that :)

Mommy and Daddy could not get through the first weeks without: Each other, and patience.

Here are some pictures from this week! Enjoy!

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