Friday, December 28, 2012

10 weeks old

Our Beautiful Boy,

We have officially hit the 2-digit weeks boo boo!! Waaaahhhhhh!!!! Mommy and daddy can't believe how fast time is flying, I mean I hate to even think that your gonna be 3 months old soon :(. This past week has been quite the adventure for you because you had your first christmas! You did amazingly good both days, and if you ask me your first christmas went perfect :). You've been having some tummy issues these past couple of days and that has really been effecting your sleeping. You have also been boycotting naps but we're braving through it and your getting better. Your new milestone of this past week has been you paying more attention to your legs and feet! Your also responding to us tickling you by smiling, its the best! Next week we'll be ringing in the new year with you and I am so excited! I love you so much my handsome Julz.

Love Always & Forever,



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