Monday, December 3, 2012

5 and 6 weeks old

Ugh! So I've been a slacker. I missed doing a 5 week post and now I'm doing my 6 week post a day before Juelz turns 7 weeks. I will get back on track though. I'm a tad bit pissed right now though because I finished this post in detail like 30 minutes ago but it didn't freakin save!!! And I did one again and accidentally deleted that shit! Ugh damn this blogger app, I press one thing by accident and it deletes it! Anyways my 7 week post will be more detailed, I'm just gonna do the weight update for this one and post some pics below from week 5 and 6. Sorry, I know... Lazy. But you would be too if this is the third time your typing this because it didn't save! Lol. Enjoy!
Ps. Sorry if the pics are different sizes and out of order, I'm posting this from my phone.

Weight: This past tues he was 9.1 lbs... Our chubba wubba is catching up so well! Hooray for my milk!

Height: Our big boy is growing so fast... He's like 21 inches

Clothing size: Ugh... Nb is starting to barely fit! He's wearing a mix of Nb and 0-3 months, where is the pause button?!

Diaper size: When he turned 5 weeks we started using size 1 :(

Feeding: he's eating every 2 hours, but sometimes he'll go on mini feeding frenzies every hour here and there

Sleep: He's doing a lot better with sleep, and he is starting to have a schedule down. The only problem is now is he is hating his bassinet and only likes to sleep on his newborn boppy, on my chest, or next to me. So we're gonna need to set up his crib ASAP because he needs to start sleeping in there!

Milestones: Ahh so many exciting ones! Other than celebrating his first thanksgiving, now he's holding his head up for longer, and he's starting to respond to us more and more by smiling and cooing. He wakes up in the morning so happy and his eyes follow us around. During tummy time he tries to crawl, and when he's does tummy to tummy with us he tries to climb up our bodies, he gets so frustrated though lol, he even gets frustrated during playtime when he can only roll over half way. We're loving witnessing all of this.

Adventures: His first THANKSGIVING! It was perfect. and This past Saturday we took him to his first kiddie party, it was my cousin Gavin's 6th birthday and it was Star Wars themed. Of course he was asleep the whole time, but that didn't stop everyone from obsessing over him, J and I literally did not see Juelz  till the party was over because everyone was getting their fix of holding him lol

Mommy and Daddy can't get enough of: His smiles, coo's, and baby wipes

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