Sunday, December 16, 2012

8 weeks old


Mommy and Daddy's beautiful boy...
This week has been yet another adventure, both challenging and wonderful. On monday you had your third job on the set of a show we love, Guys With Kids :) even though you didn't end up getting used because they ended up using a younger baby, you were the best behaved baby there. We were so proud! Then on tuesday you turned 8 weeks old! Last week I thought that would be the hardest as far as sleep goes, but this week you have truly tested us. As frustrating and exhausting as it can get sometimes(not with you, the situation and myself), I know it's just because your just going through so many changes, but no amount of exhaustion can ever get in the way of the happiness you make me feel every single second. This sleep business will pass, and so will your smallness, so that's why I have to cherish every millisecond no matter how tired I am. These past couple of days you have been extra clingy, of course I absolutely love it, but sometimes mamas got stuff to get done lol. I actually blame it on the bad gas you have been having, it sucks! Anyways, yesterday you actually smiled back at me smiling at you! Oh I just literally died and came back to life with excitement! Then after that you were just so social with me, having conversation(well I talked and you coo'ed). Now your starting to coo more in response, and smile in response. I love it! You are even grabbing my fingers, and even my boob... haha. Last week you started following us with your eyes every time we moved, or walked away, but now your doing it a lot more, and even when we're across the room! You mostly do it with daddy though, because you love looking at him and wondering where he's going. A new thing your doing is staring at pictures we hung up at you on the wall. I don't know why you LOVE staring at them haha, but i'm sure your wondering who that beautiful baby in those pictures is, lmao. Those are your biggest milestones this week. I'm so excited to witness more milestones from you, your our smart, amazing baby boy! Tomorrow you have your shots and I am terrified!!! Luckily daddy will be there and he will be brave for the both of you because you will have no idea what's going on lol. I will definitely blog about that adventure! 

Love you forever & always,