Saturday, December 22, 2012

9 weeks old

Beautiful Boy,

So now you are 2 months and 1 week old lol. I don't think I will ever stop saying that you are growing too fast though! You look so different than how you did at birth, and you seriously just keep getting more and more handsome. On monday you had your 2 month check up, you also got your shots... You did so good! Luckily daddy was there though because mommy was already emotional wreck that whole day leading up to your appointment, so the shots were really the icing on the cake for me. You cried for a split second, because daddy did an amazing job of distracting you. Then you fell asleep on the way home, and I was kinda worried how you would be once we got home, and if you were gonna get sick or anything but you were pretty much fine. You are becoming more and more social, constantly cooing either at your toys, or in response to other people. Not only are you smiling and cooing like crazy with me and daddy, but with other people as well. Dr.Kim said your growing perfectly, he says babies your age can typically see only 2 ft. away, but daddy and I swear you can see farther because you seriously stare at us even when we're further than that. Your first Christmas is only days away, and we are so excited for you!!! I mean the only presents under our tree are for you anyways lol. We stopped trying to get you to sleep in your crib at night, FOR NOW. Dr.Kim also said whatever we can do to get you to sleep through the night, and to get us to sleep as well we should do... which is sleeping in bed with us. He said that co-sleeping is fine as long as you don't go past 6 months old, because thats when you start getting used to things. We only plan on having you sleep in our bed till your 3 months, AT MOST 4 months, but thats it! Nothing longer than that. I'm sorry baby but believe me, you'll thank us later for not getting you used to sleeping with us lol. Speaking of sleep, you are so mad when you are on the verge of waking up in the morning, but as soon as your awake you are your happy, smiley, talkative self lol, it's so funny because it's like you have some instant switch, oh and you have been being a rebel with taking naps lately and I don't know whats up with all of that nonsense lol. Ok, Love you so so much bubba. 

Love Always & Forever


Weight: Ok so I knew our scale here at home was wrong because I though he was 10 lbs already at 8 weeks, but on monday at Dr.Kim's office he was at exactly 10 lbs, and I trust that accuracy haha, so I would say he might be a couple of ounces over 10 lbs now

Height: 23 inches

Clothing size: Still a mix of NB and 0-3 months

Diaper size: Still a size 1

Feeding: I am pretty sure he has been going through a growth spurt this week because he has been eating like cuhh-ray-zaay, and the other day while I went to target and J gave him milk that I pumped, and he ate 3oz in 6 mins!!! then not even a hour later ate another 3oz in 6 mins! That was super crazy lol

Sleep: So on sunday I had caved and had him sleep in our bed, then on monday we talked to Dr.Kim about his sleeping and my concerns with co-sleeping, like how I didn't want to co-sleep and I didn't want him to get used to it because it was something I knew we wouldn't pursue. Well since he told me it's too early for him to get used to anything, we've been having him sleep in our bed, FOR NOW

Milestones: He focuses his eyes way more now, and he is cooing in response so much more. I'm not too sure if this is a milestone, but his smiles are getting super big too and I LOVE IT! :), He is getting so much better at grasping our fingers, and swatting at his toys. One thing he is doing with his grasping that we cannot stand is him holding onto his hair when he's upset lol.

Adventures: Your 2 month check up was quite the adventure lol

Mommy and Daddy can't get enough of: His smiles, and coo's :)

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