Thursday, December 27, 2012

Julian's First Christmas

Every one knows how overwhelming the holidays can be, but it's a different type of overwhelming when it's your baby's first christmas. It's just overwhelming to try and figure our how to break down your time, because everyone wants to see Julz and what not. I mean, I know Julian will have no recollection of how his first christmas went, but I still wanted it to be extra special. So every year we usually go to my aunts house for christmas eve, and then on christmas day we'd go to Justin's parents house. But this year since we have Julian we didn't want to drive the almost 3 hr drive to my aunts house, we just stayed home. Most of christmas eve we just stayed in, I did some crafting and made imprints of Julz feet on salt dough and then baked them(thank you pinterest). I was even able to finish half of a painting that I'm doing for my cousin to give to her on her baby shower, I can't wait to post a picture of it when it's done. Then in the evening we opened Julz presents with him, this year we only bought presents for him and just decided to give our parents little keepsakes since Justin and I decided to take more time off from work to spend with him. So it was nice to just have that day with just us three :). Christmas morning we headed to my in-laws house bright and early, they live like an hour away, it was really nice because Justin's mom absolutely loves seeing Julz. We opened out presents, and watched the Laker game until half time, then we headed to Justin's Uncle Bob's house who lives like 15 mins away from his parents, so he could meet Julz. I have to add that Julian had been wide awake since 7:30am, he only took a 40 minute nap in the car, and little 10 minute naps here and there at grandma and grandads house, and he was wide awake at Uncle Bob's. So he was definitely getting a lot of stimulation by seeing new people and seeing new things. Luckily he was being SUCH a good boy. We finished up watching the Laker game while we were there, and during the game, the State Farm commercial Julz was a extra in came on, and he had 2 quick little cameos in the nursery. We had our proud parent moment, and everyone was excited, I mean I know it was really quick and it was only the side of him in a pink swaddle, it's definitely only the beginning of his exposure :). After the game we had a quick little photo-op in front of their tree and then we headed back home to get ready to go to my other aunts house where we had our baby shower so that we could have christmas dinner there with my dads side of the family. Once we left Uncle Bob's Julian took a nap until we got home, and he only took a nap for 20 mins while we were getting ready, then he took a nap in the car on our way to my aunts. Seriously he had been boycotting naps since monday! Anyways once we got there he had even more stimulation and was keeping himself up because I guess he felt like he didn't want to miss anything lol. We opened presents and all went well. Over all it was a perfect 2 days, I'm so grateful for everything, especially my 2 amazing boys Justin and Julian.

Here are some pictures from christmas eve and christmas, sorry if they're out of order, I'm just going to caption them :)

Christmas Eve- Opening presents

Christmas Eve- Some books to add to his collection :)

Christmas Eve- Looking pretty interested lol

Christmas Eve- He is going to be a fan of reading time for sure lol

 Christmas Eve- Opening more presents with mommy

Christmas Eve- Yay! A tummy time activity center!

 Christmas Day- Left to right: Julz great auntie Taryn(my aunt), Gavin(Julz "uncle", my cousin), Julz, Me, and Julz Mimi(my mom)

Christmas Day- Julz and Auntie Taryn

Christmas Day- Staring straight at daddy like always lol

Christmas Morning- Julz with Grandma and Grandad

Christmas Morning- Julz and Aunt Lynn

 Christmas eve- More books from mommy and daddy

Christmas morning- When we first woke up he was so happy!

 Christmas Morning- After we changed him into his outfit to go to Grandma and Grandads house, he made a big poop and that was his expression lol

Christmas day- Headed to Auntie Ana's house for dinner

Christmas morning- After a cat nap at grandma and grandads house

 Christmas morning- Playing with mommy

Christmas morning-
 My life started when I met Justin, and my life was given purpose when Julian was born. The best gifts in the world. 

Christmas morning- A screenshot of Julian's cameo on the Chris Paul "Born to Assist" State farm commercial :)

Our first family ornament as well as Julz first ornament :)

Christmas eve- Impromptu christmas eve photo shoot lol

Christmas eve- Being good for mommy

Christmas eve- Pretty stunned lol

 Christmas eve- Being a sweet boy

 Christmas eve- Salt dough feetie imprints in the oven

 Christmas eve- Wanting to be worn while mommy paints

Christmas eve- Final result, a little gift for grandma and grandad

Christmas eve- Julz got his first photo album

Christmas eve- Opening more presents

Christmas morning- Being a silly bumchuck

Christmas morning- Julz and his grandad

Happy Holidays!


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