Wednesday, January 30, 2013

14 & 15 Weeks Old

Hi all! 
So I haven't had time to blog until now, and I'm kicking myself because I didn't even get a chance to do a 14 week board picture last week, it upsets me because I really wanted to turn it into something. But I still can because whats one week? I know I'm crazy. Anyways so right when we woke up this morning I made it a point to get one done because he just turned 15 weeks yesterday. I've just been so busy because I finally started up my bow tie and bow shop and I had been working on it all  last week and I'm finally getting into the groove of things. On top of that Julian has STILL been on a nap strike.

14 Weeks Old-
So this week we started back up at putting him in his crib to sleep at night, and I would say it's pretty successful some nights. So now he'll sleep in his crib anywhere from 3-4 hours, which is a start! Julian has also had several milestones; trying to sit up on his own, and finding his feet! Ok so the trying to sit up on his own is basically him trying to get up when he's already somewhat propped up, as shown here:

He also has started to really mimic us! I love it! Here's a little video of that too:

15 Weeks Old-
I seriously think Julian is going through sleep regressing early because he is still boycotting naps. It sucks. On top of that he is going through a growth spurt, he is eating non-stop and I cant catch a break! I also don't know if he's starting to teeth early because he doesn't like his paci that much anymore and wants to use me as a paci, and he constantly drools and wants everything in his mouth, particularly my arm, or Justin's arm, or his teddy bear blanket. Julian hit another milestone yesterday and had his first real giggle! It was sweet that Justin and I got to witness it together. Luckily Julian did it again so we could record it, but theres nothing like hearing your baby giggle for the first time :).

Mommy & Daddy's Beautiful Boy,

We are loving every waking moment with you. I love looking into your curious, innocent eyes. Whenever I stare at you I just feel a sense of amazement because I still can't believe your Daddy and I created someone so perfect. Sometimes I get so overcome with giddiness just by holding you and I feel this un-explainable feeling. It's kind of like when you hold a extremely cute puppy and you want to squeeze them, but you can't because you don't want to hurt them. It gets kinda like that sometimes. You've been quite the wiggle worm lately, especially when you get excited. It kind of makes it a little hard when daddy gives you a bath, but it's fun to watch you lol. We took you to go take your 3 month/ Valentine's Day pictures this past sunday and you were such a good boy! But you didn't start smiling till we took your clothes off for your Valentine's Day pictures haha. We did get a couple of poop smiles though.... thank you boo boo :) lol. You teach me something new every day, and even though I get sad that your growing way too fast to my liking, I love watching you grow, and I love seeing you learn new things. This is only the beginning and I'm so proud to call myself your momma. I love you so much baby, more than you will ever know.

Love Always & Forever,



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