Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Julian's first new years eve, and new years day was great! New years eve Justin, Julz, and I just stayed home and rang in the new year together, which was really nice. New Years Day we went to Justin's parents house, then my parents house in the evening where he stayed up all night lol. Overall just a nice chill way to end our year and start a new one. So here's to a fresh new beginning! 2012 brought J and I the gift of a lifetime... Julian, and I am so excited for our little family this year, and the years to come. We have several resolutions as a family this year; quit eating fast food/take out, cook more, save money, and do little family outings with Julz. We are going to cook our meals now and just eat better in general. It's so insane the amount of money goes down the drain when you buy take-out a lot during the week, but it's so much easier with the baby. But "EASY" shouldn't be in our main vocab anymore! Which brings me to one of my main personal resolutions, STOP procrastinating on things. In my first ever blog post I wrote that I was going to post D.I.Y projects that I was going to do and what not, and I'm finally going to follow through on that. And ever since I quit art school almost 2 years ago(dang time flies!!) I stopped drawing and painting which is really sucky of me because now I need to brush up on my skills. So last month I started up again and I'm going to make it a point to keep at it. I also have a Etsy shop in the works so look out for that as well. Since I'm going to be a SAHM(stay at home mom) I'm going to have a lot of free time, so why not have a little business to bring in some sort of side income. I feel really great about this year because what makes it different is Julian, for one he's our motivation to eat better because when he can finally eat solids he will eat what we eat and I don't want us eating any junk, and Justin is going to be going to school more and I am so proud of him :-), 2013 is definitely going to be OUR year!

2012 highlights:
February 14th- We conceived Julian
March 3rd- We got a positive pregnancy test!
May 20th- We found out we were having a boy :-)
October 6th- Baby shower for Julian
October 16th- Julian came 3 weeks early!


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