Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Proposal

For those of you that don't know me personally, Justin and I have been together for a while but we're not married yet. We'll be going on 7 years this May, that's like common law marriage right there lol. We kinda did things backwards with moving in together first, then having a baby, then getting engaged, but I seriously wouldn't have had it any other way. We really have grown together because we've been together since I was 16 and J was 17, and we really have been through a lot together, and have had our fair share of bumps in the road, but bumps in the road never broke our bond because they really only made us stronger and closer. J and I always talked about marriage, and before we got pregnant with Julian we knew we would get married, to us we basically were, but the official-ness is always nice lol.

Anyways, I'm not always the easiest person to deal with, and I can be a little bratty at times lol, so I can make it very difficult to surprise me because I want to know EVERYTHING. I mean it's not unusual that J looks at engagement rings from time to time, so I never expected anything, but around Christmas I should have known something was up because he was measuring my ring and I found a print out of diamond sizes and by one of the sizes he drew one(which ended up to be the size he got my ring). On Christmas I kept on seeing people getting proposed to on instagram and I jokingly said to J "Jeez babe all these ladies got proposed to today..." and he was like "And?" haha. The next day and from then on he was being kinda weird, asking me if I went on his iPad or on his phone, which is something I don't do because I don't feel the need to, and even after he asked me that I didn't feel the need to be suspicious either lol. So anyway, the day after New Years day I got an email for an audition for Julian in Fountain Valley, J was kind of reluctant at first because it's kinda far from us(almost 3 hours, basically passed Disneyland), but he eventually said we could go because 3 casting directors would be there and we knew it would be a good opportunity. Well the audition was for today, thursday, and we found out tuesday. So yesterday afternoon, J randomly comes out of the bathroom and says he can't come to the audition with us because he had something to do. I was so mad because he wouldn't tell me what it was, I was also mad that I would need to go alone because I had never been out with Julz alone, and I didn't want a 3 hour trip to be our first outing alone together. But I couldn't be selfish so I decided I was gonna go. Well this morning we just had a little family emergency while I was getting Julz and I ready so we didn't end up going, I was bummed about it and was kind of giving J a hard time all morning and being a little brat lol. So after a couple of hours I got Julz ready to come on our first little outing together, to go visit the bank(my job), then go to the mall. He was extremely great in the car and was asleep the whole outing lol. Somehow even if he was asleep the entire time, I was still exhausted haha. Anyways we were probably gone for about an hr and a half then J called and I told him we were heading home. Once we got home I plopped on the couch, pooped out and J went on his laptop and started playing "Robin Thicke-Lost Without You" which has always been our song, but I thought nothing of it because we always play it for Julz since the song calms him. So the songs playing J goes to the room then comes out and I get up to go get water but once I get up J stops me and says "I'll get your water just sit down". So I sit on the couch and the song keeps playing and then all of a sudden it stops, then I hear J on the laptop say "Yo hold on hold on hold on, Alright Robin, I don't know about you but Marie is the perfect girl for me, Babe will you marry me?" And as soon as I could even process it, J comes out of the room with the ring! :-) Seriously one of the happiest moments of my life aside from Julz birth. I thought I would cry but I didn't, I was just really happy and in awe and I still am. I'm happy with the way that he did it because he knows me so well. He knew I would want Julian there, and I'm happy it was the 3 of us, our little family sharing a moment... well a couple of mins of excitement then I called my aunt right away because I couldn't believe she knew haha, but still it was the 3 of us just like in the delivery room when Julian was born, and I loved it. It turns out my parents, his parents, my aunt, and a couple of our friends knew he was gonna ask me, and for once I was able to let him surprise me hahaha. Now we can really plan our wedding, which I want to be really small and we're aiming for May 2014 :). But Justin has always been my better half/life partner/fiance/husband, and I never needed a ring to signify that, so this is just the icing on the cake :).

Here is the Proposal song, the proposal is towards the end and I had to put it in a Youtube video with a picture of the ring because I didn't know how else to do it lol. Enjoy!



  1. HOW WONDERFUL! that ring <3...My ring looks almost exactly like it!
    Congrats, girl, so happy for you two!