Tuesday, March 12, 2013

21 Weeks Old

Beautiful Boy,

Sorry mama fell off with these posts baby boy! Mama got a little side tracked and put blogging on the back burner for a bit. Anyways, I can't believe your going to be 5 months old this saturday :(, I'm sad time is going by so fast and your growing up so quick, but I'm happy that I'm able to watch you grow. You have so much personality, and you can be such a silly boy sometimes. We started giving you oatmeal last month, as well as a couple of other foods, but you sure do love you some sweet potatoes! I think we're slowly passing that ugly 4 month sleep regression that creeped up on us weeks before you turned 4 months old, but now something else is bothering you... Teething! You just got over some sort of Virus/Cold type thing, and that was no fun for any of us, but now I think teething has been making you extra fussy. Sometimes we have sleepless nights, and mommy just has to keep reminding herself that your not giving me a hard time, your having a hard time. Your such a wiggle worm, constantly wanting to be on the go, and if we sit you up, you always stay sitting up! Your close to sitting yourself up on your own too! Today you sat in the cart at target for the first time, and reality slapped me in the face once again and showed me how fast your growing. Yesterday you took your first shower with mommy and daddy, you were kind of unsure at first but you loved it. You love water so I cant wait for us to take you swimming for the first time this summer. Your such a handsome little bubba and we love you so much!

Love Always & Forever,


Weight: He's about 14.8lbs/15lbs

Height: 24 1/2in

Clothing size: 3-6 months, 6 months, and some 9 months

Diaper size: size 3 

Feeding: every 3-4 hours, some days are every 2 hours

Sleep: The sleep regression killed us, but right now he's sleeping mostly in his crib, and then for a few hours in our bed. last week when he was sick he was mostly in our bed though. 

Milestones: Well since he turned 4 months old he's been eating Solids as well as BF'ing, A month ago we started using the excersaucer so now hes standing up so well... assisted of course! He's sitting up like a BOSS, barely toppling over!

Adventures: We've recently been to the park a couple of times, which we both love!

Mommy and Daddy can't get enough of: Giggles!


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