Friday, March 8, 2013


Well I'm back, after a month long hiatus lol. Not that any of you may care because I think only a handful of people read my blog posts, if that hahaha. Anyways to be honest I felt really un-motivated to sit down and blog because once I missed a second week I was really discouraged to even continue. But I really want to continue to blog, just so I can just talk about whatever, and do updates of Julian and stuff, maybe not weekly updates anymore because not too much is changing that often anymore and its really hard to keep up weekly haha. But within these past couple of weeks there have been some changes that have happened. So last monday, feb 25th, was my last day of work, I am officially a stay at home mom! I am so grateful to be able to have this opportunity because I know not many women get the chance to be one. I mean I've practically been a stay at home mom too because my maternity leave was 4 months long, I went back to work for like a week and a half, and then I was done lol. Anyways so yeah now I have really no excuse to like not get housework done and what not. Speaking of housework, and house related things... So for those of you that don't know, we are currently renting, as we have been since Justin and I started living together. Right now we live in a 1bd+1ba, and it was fine for us because when we first moved in on Nov 2011, it was just us two, little did we know the following March we would find out we were pregnant with Julian. Our lease was up at the end of Nov, and Julz was due to come Nov 6th, I mean.... Moving sucks as it is, and who wants to move with a newborn? NOT I. So we just decided to renew, I mean of course our apartment was already packed with all things baby, but we thought... how bad could it be? and it couldn't be so bad sharing a room with Julz. But at this point in time now, we just want/need more space. Julz is bigger, he will definitely be crawling soon, and he just needs his own room. But it's not so much the lack of space that gets to me, its that I've gotten used to our apartment feeling so temporary and it doesn't feel like home really, and just because of the fact that Justin and I are over the city we live in, plus we live on the 3rd floor, and I am SO. EFFING. OVER. these damn stairs its not even funny. I can only take Julz on walks mostly with the Ergo, and taking him down in his carseat carrier is a different damn story. Sorry for the language but I seriously just hate living on the 3rd floor. Anyways long story short, for a while I had been a total grumpy brat because I had been wanting to move since like, yesterday. And I constantly say "Oh when we move Julian and I can do so much more stuff..." blah blah blah. But Justin helped me realize that I just need to focus on each day, focus on the present, I can't keep making excuses just because of our apartment. And he also reminded me that home is our family, I also came to realize that I should be thankful for what we have. We'll move when we move, and it's not a good example to set for Julian if I am easily discouraged. So basically we will eventually move, I just shouldn't let that be my main focus at all times. Ok so vent over, and sorry if you felt that that was a waste of time to read haha. Anyways, now that I will be staying at home, I'm making it a goal to stay on top of things, especially since I started my little shop, which I still need to blog about. I basically just need to get it together and stop making excuses and stop procrastinating and just DO things. I really have so many ideas, projects, and just crafts that I wanna do, so I just really need to stop being lazy.


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