Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The start of something new

It's official guys.

J's in the navy!

This week has been busy for him but everything is finally done! It's been a long time coming, and this has been something he has always wanted to do since high school. Back then I didn't like the idea of him leaving because I just didn't want him to be gone, I mean he already lived like 3 hours away and I didn't get to see him much then so I wasn't sure if I could handle it. Luckily his mom talked him out of it lol.

For a while him wanting to join the navy would come up here and there but never seriously. J ended up going back to school when we first found out we were pregnant. He had a plan of transferring from a community college to a private college, once Juelz  came it was clear how expensive school would be... So J began thinking of his options. Then the possibility of the navy came up again. All these years J has kept the option open, and he had done continuous research, and he made sure to explain to me all the benefits and what not. This time I didn't shut the idea down right off the bat, this time I had not only our future to think about, but our future with Juelz.

Sure the thought of J being gone for long periods of time scared the shit out of me, but it was a sacrifice I was and am willing to make for the sake of a better future for our family. Once we both agreed that this would be the new path we were going to start, we moved in with my parents. We moved in with them last summer, and we're thankful we were able to do so. Now after almost a year he officially has a ship date to leave for bootcamp and I feel relieved. I feel relieved because for a while I felt like we were at a standstill.

I mean living with my parents isn't bad, but I miss us having our own space. And when you have different family dynamics living in one household, heads bump sometimes. I'm just meant to love my parents from my own home, not the same home lol... If you really know me, you understand haha.

This is the start of something new, and not only am I excited, I am also terrified. I am excited for whats in store for my family, but I am terrified of J being gone for 2 months for bootcamp and not being able to even talk to him. We have never really been away from each other for more than a couple of nights, and now we have Juelz .

Juelz  already looks for J while he's at work, and gets so excited when he comes back home, I just don't know how he's going to feel. I know he won't really understand. I am going to do my best to help us get through it. I just need to keep us both busy, and I also need to have more patience with him. I know our families will help us get through it too.

It's going to be really hard at first, but I believe in myself, and I am constantly going to focus on the bigger picture. And I know it won't only be hard on me, it'll be hard on J too. I know our little family can get through anything, so it will all be fine.

I am so proud of J, he's such an amazing man... And I'm so happy he's finally going to be doing what he's always wanted to do. I'm really thankful he works so hard for us. I have zero doubts that he will do amazing during bootcamp and A school. He has worked so hard to get himself right physically, and he never disappoints academically. 

This is going to be a change, but a good change. It's going to be really hard, but also very rewarding. The pro's definitely outweigh the cons, and this is only going to make our family stronger. 

I'm very thankful for both our families love and support. 


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