Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Toddler Snacks & Meals

Every day is different when your raising a toddler. Some days you have a great eater on your hands, and some days your lucky if they even want to smell whatever you've prepared for them. Teething is usually the culprit, but other times you just don't know why they won't eat anything other than candy. Today I've decided to share some snack and meal ideas that Juelz  loves, and some healthier alternatives of candy if your little one has a sweet tooth like ours does. Of course he does go through phases where he really loves something one week, then the next week he has no care for it... But he seems to be consistent with these favorites. 

-Trader Joe's 12 Grain mini-snack crackers
-String cheese
Stonyfield Organic yogurt
-Pita chips and hummus
-Popsicle Mighty Magic Mini's popsicles (perfect for hot days, & for soothing a teething babe)

-Scrambled egg (some days he likes it with some cheese in it, some days a dash of garlic salt will do)
-Bagel with cream cheese, a slice of tomato, and some spinach.
-Omelet with diced tomatoes, diced onions, and spinach
-French toast sticks with syrup
-Brown sugar oatmeal

-Mac n' Cheese... Basically any pasta with any sauce
-Chicken nuggets with bbq or ketchup on the side
-Tilapia Filet pan fried with coconut oil and a dash of garlic salt on each side
-Baked salmon with sweet & sour sauce or hawaiian sauce
-Spanish rice with cheese sprinkled on top
-Steamed Broccoli 



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