Thursday, May 1, 2014

Trends I love: BELL BOTTOMS

One of my favorite movies is Almost famous, and Penny Lane(Kate Hudson) plays a part in why I love bohemian style so much. I feel like bell bottoms are kind of a staple in boho style. This spring I'm really loving bell bottoms, it's a trend that I think can be carried on year round because it's so versatile.  In this particular post i'm just talking about knit bell bottoms, I love denim bells as well, but for California's warm weather... Knits are definitely more comfortable for me. Right now I am totally LUSTING over every single pair of bells that this brand called Novella Royale has been coming out with and i'm hoping that I can buy at least one pair soon lol. They are definitely on the pricey side, so if you want some cheaper bell alternatives I have found some on Tilly's website and on Pacsun's website. What I love about these pants are that I really feel like i'm getting away with wearing pajamas, lol just kidding... kind of haha. No but seriously what I love is that you can dress them up or down, you can throw on a plain flowy tee with a crochet vest or something and still look like you tried. When your a mom to a toddler thats constantly on the move it's really important to get dressed fast and be comfortable... And most of the time what that means for me is throwing on a tshirt and velour sweats, yeah... Not that cute and my husband kind of hates it lol. At least with knit bells, I feel like i'm wearing leggings as pants... Which I basically am, but I don't look like i'm in my pajamas so thats even better! Below is some inspiration on how to wear bell bottoms, Enjoy!


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