Monday, June 9, 2014

Toddler Wardrobe Must-Haves Under $15

With the Summertime heat here in California, I've come up with a list of favorites that I have for Juelz's  wardrobe. The most important thing when dressing Juelz  is it has to be comfortable and light. The heat really is NO JOKE here in the Valley and it's easy to break a sweat... Especially for a toddler constantly on the move. Juelz  wardrobe essentials are: Tanks, Tees, Shorts, and his favorites... Sunglasses and Hats, lol. I don't like to spend much on his clothes since he grows so fast, but you can definitely have a stylish/trendy wardrobe on a budget. Our toddler summertime faves below are mostly all from Old Navy and H&M, and they are all under $15!

From Left to Right:
(click on the links below to find each item)

1. A RashGuard Sun Shirt and Swim Trunks are important to have for swimming days and water play.
2. This Cadet Hat and Sun Hat are great protection for your little one's noggin... The blue camo print is my personal fave!
3. Perforated Slip-On Shoes are our go-to shoes for Julian, they are easy to slip on when your in a hurry, and they waterproof which is a plus.
4. Tank tops are a staple in Juelz's  wardrobe, I usually buy plain tanks but this is a fun Animal Print Tank that can go with any bottom.
5. Poplin Shorts are the perfect shorts for warm days, I absolutely love these!
6. Whenever we need to dress Juelz  in something a little more dressier than a tee or tank, a Polo Shirt always works out for us.
7. Cotton T-Shirts are great to wear on warm summer evenings/nights.
8. Juelz  absolutely loves to wear any type of Sunglasses at any time of the day lol.


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