Saturday, July 5, 2014

Mommy Summer Bucket List

Ok so I recently made a Toddler Summer Bucket List post for Juelz , and thought I would make a small Mommy Summer Bucket List post for myself. It occurred to me that hey... Mommies need some summer fun too ya know! The list consists of some things I don't normally do for myself and things I want to try. You can print out the list below since there will be empty spaces to add your own ideas.

  • Get a Mani/Pedi- If you can't make it to the salon, then you can always give yourself a mani/pedi at home :)
  • Have a Date Night- Find a babysitter, Get dolled up, and have a night on the town with your man/lady! It doesn't have to be fancy, and it doesn't have to be for more than an hour or two. The point of this is just to have some kind of fun, any kind of fun with your man/lady. If you can't find a sitter then get dolled up anyway! Wait after bedtime to enjoy a movie and snacks with your hubby/wifey in either your bedroom, or family room. 
  • Get a Massage- Whether it be from a professional or from a chair, or even from your loved one... Try to make this happen because our body needs some sort of relaxation from these crazy  kids! lol
  • Take a trip to Target(ALONE)- I mean, this is just self explanatory. 
  • Catch up with a Girl Friend- It's easy to loose touch with friends after having kids, especially with some girlfriends who don't have kids. Catch up with a girlfriend whether it be over the phone, meeting up for something to eat... can be with or without your little one, or maybe even just through texting. Just as long as its something more personal than a Instagram/Facebook comment lol.
  • Learn how to Crochet- This has been something I have been wanting to learn, maybe it can be something to do while your little one finally takes a nap in the day? haha!
  • Have a Craft Day- A few weeks ago a girlfriend and I had a Craft Day at her house for a couple of hours while our little ones had a playdate. It went surprisingly well and I would love to do it again. You don't necessarily have to make a whole day out of it, especially if you have kids, but  a few hours is enough time to work on a couple of things.
  • Read a Book- This is something I haven't gotten the chance to do, so this summer I'm going to find a book and actually try and sit down and read it during some down time.
  • Buy yourself a Treat- You don't have to go and splurge on anything, but do buy yourself something you have been wanting... Whether it be a new color of Martha Stewart paint, to a cute new top, it doesn't matter what it is... Just treat yourself :)
To print out full size list please click Here.

Hope you all enjoy this, and make sure you add some of your own ideas! Have fun!

*Template can be found here.

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