Thursday, July 3, 2014

My Favorite Educational Toddler Apps- Tiny Hands

These days the only thing that can keep Juelz  occupied in the car, or anywhere that he's bored... Is his iPad mini. I know some parents are against screen time, but I believe that it's fine in moderation. As long as your still interacting with your child and doing hands on educational activities and reading to them, then screen time isn't so bad. I believe Juelz  has benefited from his iPad, he has really learned some things on his own... I mean it's insane how fast a 1.5 yr old can navigate through an iPhone and iPad. About a month ago I came across the Tiny Hands apps, and Julian loved them. They have a great variety for toddlers, things from color sorting, to stacking. Juelz  has almost mastered the stacking apps and it's a great on-the-go alternative to carrying blocks in your purse lol. Hope your little ones enjoy these a much as mine does. 


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