Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Quality Family Time + Family Pictures

So as some of you may know, J's ship date for basic training changed from November to September. That may not seem like a real big change, but that went from 4 months to 2 months of spending time together before our life basically changes. So now that he's leaving in september he is going to miss Juelz's 2nd birthday in october, but he will be able to spend the holidays with us... So thats better than nothing lol.

Anyways, J is leaving work at the beginning of august so he will be able to spend time with us before he leaves which is totally great. We have a list of things we want to do, and we definitely are going to have a lot of beach days. I am planning J a Birthday/Going Away party for the end of august, and then my little brother has his marine bootcamp graduation the weekend before J leaves. We will be pretty busy up until he leaves but it will definitely be quality family time.

I really wanted to take new family pictures before Justin left so I posted something on my local community Facebook page looking for a affordable photographer and I was extremely lucky enough to have a very sweet woman reach out to me and offer to take our photos. Her name is Kea and her photography Facebook page can be found here. We met her for our picture session this past sunday at the extremely beautiful Paramount Ranch, where they filmed the show Dr.Quinn Medicine woman, in Agoura Hills, California. She was totally amazing, Kea definitely made us feel comfortable and it didn't even feel like it was our first meeting her. Since she has a toddler of her own, she was completely understanding of Juelz's  mixed emotions and was very patient of us. Not only did we meet a great photographer, but I was happy to meet a new mommy friend as well.

We received our pictures monday night and I literally teared up going through them. They were all absolutely beautiful, J and I were so happy with all of them... We still are. In between wrangling Juelz to take the pictures, and bribing him with lollipops and future popsicles (lol), it wasn't until I was going through each picture that I realized I get so caught up in the whirlwind of things that I never just stop and enjoy the beauty of the moment. I think it's safe to say that happens with a lot of people, and most of the time its moms. Seeing the joy that was captured in these pictures, I'm able to relive it over and over again and I am so thankful for that.

I wanted to share some more pictures with you guys below that I haven't put on facebook or ig, hope you guys enjoy!


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  1. I ADORE these photos!! How special! It's so sad but since I'm a professional photographer you would think we would do this. The only professional photos we have are from Benjamin's first birthday. I'm hoping to get them done when we're in California in November. I'm sorry your husband is leaving early.. you must be a ball of nerves! Hang in there and feel free to reach out if you need to vent. Toddler life ain't no joke! :)

    1. Thank you so much mama! That was actually our first time taking professional photos and I loved it so much! Prior to that we had just went to jc penny or I would take advantage of special occasions and have someone snap a pic of us with my iPhone haha. I can't wait to see when you guys have family pictures taken though, they're gonna be beautiful :). Where in California are you visiting? If you happen to be making a trip to Disneyland I would love to meet you since Julian and I have annual passes! It really is a bummer that my husband is leaving early, however I am also excited that we'll be one step closer to getting our own place again since we have been living with my parents since we started the navy process. I miss having my own home! Lol. I will definitely be sharing my toddler life struggles with you because seriously, these tots don't play :( lol. Xoxo!!