Monday, April 13, 2015

Life lately..

Well... It's been a while lol.

I was going to wait until we moved to our duty station to write a post but lately i've been feeling an urge to put something together. Even if I know no one really reads my blog, I just like to let things out from time to time, and if it happens to help someone out in the future... then great lol. 

These past 7 months have flown by, and so much has changed, but at the same time so much hasn't changed lol. I think one of the big obvious things is that we have made a transition from a Civilian family, to a Military family. J graduated from bootcamp mid November last year, and has been away at A School since then. We're still living with my parents till we PCS, which won't be soon lol. Other than J being away, not too much has changed yet since we're still here at home around family. FaceTime has been a GODSEND though because it gives us a sense of normalcy as a little family. J is able to FaceTime Juelz and I every single day, and he's able to give us good night "hugs" & "kisses" every night before bed, so I am extremely thankful for technology. 

So far the distance has strengthened us as individuals, as a couple, and as parents. I'm really proud of Juelz too, yes he may be just a toddler with no concept of time, however toddlers do have feelings and they always don't understand why daddy is only on the other side of a screen most of the time, but I would say he's adapted really well and understands as much as he can. The amazing thing about kids are, is they're extremely resilient, far more resilient than us adults.

J gets to visit us soon after he graduates from A School, and we're so super excited since we haven't seen him new years day and luckily his visit here at home will be a little longer than his visit for the holidays. These past few months haven't been so bad since they have really flown by, but what sucks is the home stretch lol. I think Juelz feels it too since he hasn't been wanting daddy to get off FaceTime at night lately. 

I am going to post things I've learned so far being a new military wife, a lot of the blog posts I see are often about people who married into the military but I don't see too many blogs of families that go from civilian to military. Not that there is much of a difference, but I feel like perspectives in the beginning can be a little different since J and I started this new military journey together... so to speak. 

Anyways other than that... Not much is new over here lol. We do finally have hard orders, but i'm pretty sure i won't really talk about it until it comes closer to moving since anything can change. I know hard orders are not likely to change, but you just never know lol. 


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